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The title says it all, Dirty oil is turning Canada into a corrupt petro-state. In this article Nikiforuk describes how Canada was once regarded as a "do gooder" democracy, but due to the environmental, political an economic destruction the tar sands have caused, Canada's reputation is now being compared to other petro-states that lack accountability and transparency. It is said that Canada used to be a global leader in addressing environmental issues and now is second to last in taking responsible climate action. Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper,apparently does not believe in climate change, as well as has very strong ties to the oil industry. This is all to illustrate that the tar sands as "Canada's new economic engine" is not only destructive and misleading, but creating great instability in all aspects of national life. Nikiforuk quotes a columnist from the Toronto Star who sees Canada as being "a nation that doesn't say much, doesn't do much, and doesn't seem to stand for much"; a statement meant to imply that Canada has turned a blind eye to the environmental and political destruction that is taking place.
I agree with much of what Nikiforuk is saying regarding Canada needing to make serious adjustments in resource management and environmental accountability, though I question the sentiment of Canada being a nation that doesn't say, do, or stand for much. It is becoming more and more apparent that our Government is corrupt and doesn't have the best interest of its people or environment in mind when creating policy, but is this reflective of the entirety of Canada's population? I myself know countless people who are extremely disenchanted with how things are being handled in this country, and want change. I suppose because people have not yet taken to the streets in revolution, as they do in many other parts of the world, leaves people believing that Canada is a complacent nation. The majority of the protests that I am aware of are relatively small and typically peaceful. The physical geography of Canada might contribute to our ability to organize ourselves and rally together. It seems to me that many Canadians have let our Government know that what is happening with the oil sands, the pipeline, and the policy surrounding it, is unacceptable, but the Government doesn't seem to be listening.
The question I have is, will Canadian's have to wager a full fledged revolution for the Government to start listening and creating policy that protects and supports Canada's environment and people?

Talkin 'bout a revolution

Date: 2014-05-12 09:11 pm (UTC)
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I think that when people who live in BC look at Canada, we are viewing it from left wing perspective. As with any small community, we tend to assume that because the western part of the country is socialist and environmental that the rest of the country is too. I don't think the government is that far off supporting it's people. Two of the population dense areas of Canada, Alberta and Ontario, tend to favour big business and have right wing conservative mind frames. The people in government who are currently in power are a reflection of a vote. Unfortunately the provinces or areas with the most people usually decide who is in power. BC is also considered a passive province because we have some of the lowest voter turn out in the country. So while we westerners are shocked and horrified by what is happening to the government, when there is the time to take action, it seems we can't even be bothered to hit the voting booths. Personally I think that if we as a province can't be bothered to vote, we will never get it together to start a revolution.
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I completely agree with you when you say our government is corrupt, it is corrupt and greedy. It seems the only thing important to Harper is turning Canada into a money making machine without any regard for the environment or how the people feel. I think something drastic will have to happen with the Canadian people for policies to change, our current government definately isn't going to change anything for the good it seems.



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